Select Unmatched McAfee Support for Guidance on 7 Adware-infected Android Apps


Select Unmatched McAfee Support for Guidance on 7 Adware-infected Android Apps

The number of apps on our mobile phones along with the figures of time we use these apps is increasing at a rapid speed. As the report by McAfee Activation Support researchers reveals: Apart from this growth in apps usage, the upcoming year also incorporates a great hike in quantity of mobile malware.

McAfee Activation Support

McAfee Activation Support

The McAfee Support experts clarify that a new tricky Android Malware dubbed Andr/HiddnAd-AJ is adding a huge amount to the list of several mobile strains. The complex malware has been noticed to make use of 7 distinct apps present on the Google Play Store as their path to enter into our mobile devices.    

How This Tricky Malware Works?

As the McAfee Activation Support researchers of our firm are dedicated to gathering all the information, thus making huge efforts and collected the further detailed info. They noticed that the malware utilize One Smart Compass App & Six QR Reader Apps to slide into the Google Play Store. This allows the malware to sneak previous security checks. Whenever an app is installed, the adware waits for near about six hours prior to serving up the infection. The McAfee Support experts added that once it finishes, the users’ mobile screen seem flooded with a number of full-screen ads, a variety of notifications comprising links associated with ads, ads on the open web pages, etc. These all are set by the attackers with an aim of obtaining click-based revenue for them.

How Can You Avoid Such Adware? 

In order to support you in securing your mobile devices from this as well as much other such malware, our McAfee experts have provided some essential tips. So, begin with these security tips by technically proficient McAfee Activation Support specialists:

Do your homework

Before going to install an app, you must always reach to its reviews section first. And there ensure to carefully go through each and every comment as it will be beneficial in avoiding the adware if you read any comment which shows that the app (you want to download) is full of unnecessary ads. If still in doubt, then either don’t install the app or consult the McAfee Support experts for genuine guidance. The McAfee experts will check the status of the app you want to get on your device and then help you with correct assistance. They never let you down by affecting the performance or speed of your mobile that may result due to the installation of any malicious app.

Limit the Number of apps

The experienced McAfee Activation Support techies strictly recommend you to install only those apps which are required and used by you on regular basis. If there is any app that you have downloaded previously but not using now, uninstall it immediately. Facing difficulty in doing so, call the toll-free McAfee Customer Service Helpline Number – 888-510-7517 | 1800-012-720, as the technical support professionals will support you in uninstalling the app correctly and instantly. Having a limited number of apps is advantageous not only for securing yourself from the threats but also in saving your system’s memory.

Avoid clicks.

As discussed above by the McAfee Activation Support experts, this adware has been designed to act as a click-generated revenue source, so you are suggested to evade clicking on unwanted pop-ups, suspicious ads, doubtful links, etc.

The McAfee Support professionals say that you should always surf online by keeping a real thought in mind – the more you click, the more cybercriminals get profit and vice-versa. So, be cautious while clicking.

Use Mobile Security Software

Keep your mobile devices prepared to fight against and defeat such malware & adware coming in their way of offering good speed and performance. Someone has asked how? Our friendly McAfee Activation Support executives reply politely by keeping a best mobile security software installed and activated on your device. If having query ‘which security product you should go for?’ the answer contains the name of none other than excellent McAfee Security.

McAfee Mobile Security

It is an excellent virus cleaner (free) that supports you in protecting & enhancing your Android phone’s speed and performance. Some of the advanced security features supported by McAfee Mobile Security are Award-winning Anti-Theft Protection, Lost Phone Finder Ability, App security & Privacy Protection Policy, Features that support qualities of Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Virus Removal, SMS Backup, Performance Optimization, Contacts Backup, etc.

Hope! These aforementioned features are enough for your satisfaction but if any query is still bothering you, then consult our McAfee Activation Support experts. You can contact them simply by dialing the toll-free McAfee Customer Service Helpline Number given below. In case if getting the customer support services through the phone is not suiting you. You can use other ways like email or live chat to receive help for resolving any doubt or technical issues.

At last, just remember that you have to stay on top of the latest and upcoming mobile security as well as numerous other online and offline threats. Be sure to consult our McAfee Product Key Activation Support Phone Number – 888-510-7517 | 1800-012-720 professionals in case of any difficulty in achieving this top-notch protection.

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